Fair Point: Earn your keep, kids - mom’s retiring

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Sooo... Is THAT why they’ve got so many kids?

Rich their parents may be, but the Brangelina brood are preparing to earn their keep.

First up is Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, who at the age of four is going into acting.

The little girl, who is a dead-ringer for dad Brad what with those chipmunk cheeks, is to appear in a £130 million blockbuster movie alongside her mother Angelina.

For her minor role, she will be paid a major fee. A whopping £2,000 a week - more than nurses get in a month. On top of that the studio will be paying the little celebrity some £40 a week expenses - presumably to keep her in hair ribbons, cheese strings and Oreos.

Blonde Vivienne is not the first to tread in mom and pop’s footsteps, though. Elder sister Shiloh made her acting debut as a baby in her father’s film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

And she is unlikely to be the last, judging by the prophetic words of her proud grandpa.

Angelina’s dad, the veteran actor Jon Voight, has said the movie world should be braced to welcome yet more of his talented grandchildren.

Could be a curious case of the kids being sent out to bring home the bacon while the parents take it easy...

Mom Jolie, who is clearly choosing to ignore the Don’t Put your Daughter On The Stage Mrs Worthington warning, has already revealed she is planning to give up acting as her children hit their teens.

And getting them into the movies sure beats pushing them into a paper-round.