FAIR POINT: Early rise not early enough

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BIKINI season is on it’s way to ‘get us.’

There’s nothing like a photo of Leann Rimes in OK magazine on ‘yet another holiday’ to inspire you to shift some pounds. Any woman knows that the hardest part of going to the gym, is actually getting there. There’s nothing worse than finishing a 10-hour day, getting home, making a cup of tea, sinking onto the settee and then thinking… should I go to the gym now?


So I had something of a genius idea. I decided to get up and go first thing – before work – to get it out of the way – and save queueing for the cross trainers! Clever, right? Somehow, the next morning, I rolled out of bed, grabbed a cup of tea, chucked on my clothes and drove myself to the gym for 6.30am.

I felt good. Proud. Smug. Until I saw the queue of people waiting outside the gym who’d all had the same idea.