FAIR POINT: Downturn for Lady Eth

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Downton didn’t so much end on a cliffhanger as a Mills and Boon chapter.

The Crawley girl so unlucky in love cut to the chase with her dishy editor (believe me, editors NEVER look like that in real life).

Chucking convention to the wind, she demanded to know why he was flirting with her when he was a married man. Every single woman who’s ever fallen for a bloke with a wedding ring already on his finger was cheering her on over their Sunday night tipple.

Only, the answer she got was an absolute corker. His wife didn’t understand him; actually, she didn’t understand the entire world. She’s in a lunatic asylum. He can’t divorce her.

It’s a cert Eth will go all romantic and want to rescue him from his sad fate.

But mark our wise words, Ethel; it’ll only end in tears. Be truly emancipated; lift up your skirts and run like hell.