FAIR POINT: Child benefit cuts: only one winner

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This week’s scrapping of child benefit for wealthier families has caused national uproar - and highlighted how idiotic the payment for parenthood has always been.

From the start, it should have been means-tested and given to low-income families who really needed it, rather than be dished out blanket-fashion to everyone who had a child. But it wasn’t.

It’s being clawed back, now, from families deemed wealthy enough to lose it, yet the really hard up aren’t benefiting.

The government have their own bills to pay. Sorry, families too afraid to turn up the gas central heating.

What really gets me, though, is the ill-thought-out fashion in which it’s being cut. The baby blanket now has huge great holes in it.

Families in which one parent has a successful career and is lucky enough to earn over £60,000 a year will lose all their benefit - up to £1,752 for two children.

Yet if both parents earn £49,000 a year each, they can keep all of their benefits. It’s just ludicrous. And totally unfair.

And before you say anyone earning £60k should stop whining because they don’t need the money, think on. They’re not all Boris Johnsons.

What if that £60k worker has four kids to feed and clothe and a big, fat mortgage and a car loan?

What if it’s a single career mum with a whopping monthly childcare bill?

People live to their means. Some 1.2 million families have been lulled into a false sense of security by child benefit.