Fair Point: 50 shades too far

Author E L James.
Author E L James.
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So you though 50 Shades sexually liberated us women?

Take off your rose-tinted reading specs and the pink furry handcuffs, love. That Book just greyed things.

It hasn’t so much encouraged women to ask for what they want, as implanted a notion in their heads of what they should be desiring. For proof of just how damaging that can be, switch (sorry) to the scene in Ipswich Crown Court this week.

A 50 Shades reader was the complainant in an assault case. In the dock was the bondage-loving man she had met on an Internet dating site. They had forged an S&M relationship; she had willingly signed a Christian Grey-style contract - and had her bloke’s initials tattooed on her genitals. But when they staged a bondage session, the light spanking she was expecting turned out to be a lashing. She was too embarrassed to use the code word for ‘Stop it you’re hurting me’, so he carried on, thinking she was having the time of her life.

He was cleared and she’s now realised kinky fantasy is one thing, painful reality quite another.

I presume she’s now got a nice Maeve Binchy on the bedside table.