Fahim should be protected

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Thank you for the article (June 4) about the plight of Ahmad Fahim Akbari and his family. He spent eight years protecting British people in his job at the British embassy in Kabul and now needs to be protected by the British justice system.

The UKBA spokesperson said that the threat letters ‘are not genuine’. In a report after one of the hearings, it is written that ‘there is nothing to confirm that these letters are genuine’ – they were untranslated so not accepted by the court. This is different from what looks like an accusation that this asylum seeker deliberately produced letters that were not genuine

For another hearing (reasons for refusal 5.11.09 points 19 and 20) it is written that Fahim reported threatening letters to his superiors and that he reported threatening calls to the Embassy security section and to the police.

Staff at the British embassy showed great trust in him, believing him, for example, when he thought that British staff about to board a flight might be in danger from a suspicious fellow passenger.

They knew Fahim well in close working relationships based on working alongside him every day for eight years. All sections of the Kabul embassy, including the UKBA employed him in Afghanistan. It is difficult to understand why the British authorities now find that he is ‘not a credible witness’.

Mary Williams, Sandford Grove Rd, S7 and Dee McNamara,

Valley Rd, S8

British welfare

On top of the staggering £9 billion (and rising) given to Europe, since budget day £1bn has gone to the asylum industry, £8bn in overseas aid, £600m to Pakistan’s schools and now £800m for world vaccines. Meanwhile, South Yorkshire Police Authority is to lose £40m over four years. This government is almost as catastrophic as the last one. Is anyone in Westminster remotely interested in the welfare of Britain?

P Farmery, Sheffield