FACTFILE: Scene of Sheffield bomb find was former steelworks badly damaged by German Blitz

Bombs were found on the former Brown Bayley steelworks site
Bombs were found on the former Brown Bayley steelworks site
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Two World War Two bombs were found today near Don Valley in Sheffield.

During the war the site was the home of the Brown Bayley Steelworks, and was one of many of Sheffield’s steelworks to be targeted by the Luftwaffe.

VIDEO: World War Two bombs found in Sheffield

The Brown Bayley works occupied a 32 acre site and opened in 1871 and pre-war produced steel for general engineering, the railways, and automobile and aircraft steels.

My exam day – right in middle of Sheffield Blitz

After the outbreak of war in 1939 production at Brown Bayley turned to making parts for guns, tank, and bomber and fighter aircraft.

On the night of December 15th 1940 a German air raid on Sheffield caused extensive damage to the steel works.

According to one account, ‘one bomb put four rolling mills out of action by destroying the buildings am switchgear and doing a large amount of general damage to the machinery and rolls.’

Despite the huge damage most of the mills were back up and running again within a year.

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