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Like news? Like sport? Then be sure to like The Star’s Facebook page - it’s YOUR new one stop shop for all our top headlines, breaking stories and more.

And we’re not just talking about news.

All our big sports stories and features will also now appear at www.facebook.com/sheffieldstar - with links to read more, watch videos and slideshows, on our official web site.

It’s also your link to tell us instantly what you think of today’s big issues, what we’re up to and what you want to see in the paper and online.

Spotted a fire, a police incident or something we should be campaigning for on behalf of our readers? Tell us at www.facebook.com/sheffieldstar.

We already have thousands of followers with a reach of almost 100,000 people.

That’s a powerful tool to get our message - and yours - across to the region of South Yorkshire and north midlands.

Facebook recently helped us to reunite a family with their lost camera full of photos.

It helped to successfully campaign for an apology, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of you, when a MP foolishly attacked Sheffield’s favourite Henderson’s sauce.

Facebook also helped us to get hundreds of strangers to attend a war hero’s funeral and give him the send off he deserved, when he died with no close family and few surviving friends.

That’s the social network power of Facebook, another publishing platform, alongside the paper and our website.

We’re sure you going to like what we’re up to...so check us out now and like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sheffieldstar.

* Also follow us on Twitter at @SheffieldStar and Instagram at instagram.com/thesheffieldstar.