Facebook users warn spooky Doncaster clown: "You'll be dead soon"

A sinister clown threatening to return to stalk the streets of Doncaster has been warned to expect a rough ride from angry social media users.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 3:46 pm
The Doncaster Clown Facebook page.

The character, who reportedly brought fear to streets of the town three years ago despite no confirmed sightings, has pledged to return after setting up a Facebook page with the chilling message: "I'm coming back. Keep your eyes open..."

Sinister clown warns Doncaster: "I'm coming back..."A later post, on aFacebook page, entitled Doncaster Clown, accompanied by a photo of a clown lurking in a shadowy street, added: "Coming to Rosso tonight..."

But the clown has been warned he faces a frosty reception - with some social media users threatening violence.

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On the clown's own Facebook page, Ellen Garner wrote: "I swear I would stab it" and added: "Be a dead clown soon."

And Linzi Bathgate said that if she encountered the clown she would "smak the t***"

Alex Sewell wrote: "Just go up to him n punch him in face won't terrorise people then."

Another post, from Jonice Henderson added: "Just don't look out kitchen window or back door... apparently he just stands looking in window to scare you."

There were reported "sightings"on social media of the spooky clown haunting the streets of Doncaster three years ago.

In 2013, police were moved to reassure the public over spooky clown sightings.

Social media sites were awash with reports of people dressing up as clowns and prowling the streets in a bid to scare residents.

However, Rossington Safer Neighbourhood Team quashed the reports and told parents to reassure their children.

In a statement issued at the time on its Facebook page, the SNT said: “We are aware that there are a number of reports circulating on social media of a clown being seen on the streets of South Yorkshire.

“There have been no actual sightings of a clown reported to police or any crimes committed.”

“This has also gone viral throughout the country, please reassure your children.”

In a spate of incidents throughout 2013, clowns had supposedly been sighted on the streets of Grimsby, Lincoln, Retford, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Bradford, Sheffield and Hull with the incidents seemingly stemming from a series of incidents in Northampton from earlier in the year when photographs of a man dressed as Pennywise the Clown from 1980s horror film Stephen King’s It began circulating.