Extra security measures in Sheffield city centre welcomedÂ

Shoppers have welcomed the introduction of extra security measures in Sheffield city centre over the festive season.Â

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:40 am
Sheffield Christmas Market on Fargate

Concrete blocks have been installed from Surrey Street to Pinstone Street and on Fargate, to ensure that those visiting the Christmas markets, doing a spot of shopping, or enjoying after work celebrations at the festive bars, can do so in safety.

This is one of a number of security measures visitors can expect to see, which also includes extra police patrols.  

While the authorities say there is no specific intelligence of an increased threat, they are urging shoppers to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour immediately. 

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Many readers of The Star took to Facebook to say that while it is sad it has come to this they were ultimately in support of the measure. 

Matt Clarkson said: 'Nothing wrong with preventing '˜what ifs', rather than something happening and saying '˜why didn't you'. 

'Well done Sheffield City Council.' 

Pete Wlson added: 'Very sad that its come to this.' 

Jennifer Mohammed Jones added: 'I understand the need, it's very sad that we do need measures like this in place.' 

Toby Morgan called for the barrier blocks to become a permanent fixture and said: 'Shame they can't just leave them there.

'After all pedestrians would be safe from vehicles.' 

Others wanted to see the barrier blocks made to look more festive, such as decorating them as huge Christmas presents. 

Darryl Bebbington posted: 'Shame they didn't spruce them up a little.' 

John Kenney added that the authorities could 'at least put wrapping paper and ribbons on.' 

Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth, national co-ordinator for the police '˜protect and prepare' strategy, said: 'As people are enjoying the festive season, they will see a visible security presence with police patrols and additional security in crowded places.'