Extra power from wind

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A WIND farm on the edge of Doncaster has been given the go-ahead to generate electricity at lower wind speeds despite objections from local people.

Tween Bridge Wind Farm was granted permission to erect 22 turbines near Thorne and Moorends after a public inquiry in 2008 but the owners were told they could not be used if the wind speed fell below four metres per second.

Now they have asked for the condition to be lifted after deciding to install a different type of turbine which is said to be less noisy.

Thorne and District Wind Farm Advisory Group and 25 people submitted letters of objection but planning officers recommended it be granted.

Thorne and Moorends Town Council opposed the proposal, saying the planning inspector had good reasons for imposing the condition.

Planner Roy Sykes said the two turbines nearest to Medge Hall, the most noise-sensitive location, would have to be switched off at wind speeds below 7m per second.

An updated noise assessment was submitted. Paul Bedwell, an energy consultant acting for Tween Bridge, said they wanted to generate power at low wind speeds.

“We recognise that the threshold would need to be lifted to protect properties near those two turbines. The turbines will be shut down if they exceed the noise level,” he told the committee.

Members voted in favour of lifting the condition.