Extra bins are not allowed

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What will happen to our collections if they go to every two weeks?

We have three black bins between nine flats, which are full every week never mind every fortnight. So what happens to the rubbish that won’t go in the bins after a week? Does it wait until someone picks it up? We must have a weekly collection or we will have a yard full of rubbish. Don’t say ‘get more bins’. This is not allowed. We tried it and were told we had enough.

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Tell us who sets interest rates

Ireland, Greece, Portugal and now Italy – all almost bankrupt and then ‘helped’, apparently, by being offered ‘loadsa’ money in loans to avert virtual bankruptcy.

These loans are at astronomically high interest rates, set by whom? We are told it’s ‘the money men’, but who are these ‘money men’ that are prepared to see countries go under rather than drop interest rates? It’s time these faceless morons were outed.

Terry Palmer, Hoyland