Extra armed police on patrol in South Yorkshire over Christmas

Firearms officers are patrolling South Yorkshire
Firearms officers are patrolling South Yorkshire
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Extra armed officers and bobbies are patrolling South Yorkshire over Christmas in response to the 'severe' terror threat level in the UK.

They will be patrolling crowded areas over the festive season as a deterrent to criminals and in a bid to offer reassurance to members of the public.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Tim Forber said: "The country remains on severe threat level, and there’s no intelligence to suggest a change to this is on the horizon, however, we recognise that the public would like reassurance as they enjoy the festive period.

"We are planning to increase the visibility of both local officers and armed officers onto the streets and into crowded places to provide visible reassurance and work as a deterrent.

"Putting these officers out onto the streets now should encourage people to go about their business as usual, supported by their local police, both armed and unarmed. I think it’s a good opportunity for people to get to know more about our firearms officers.

"Whilst their weapons may seem intimidating the officers are friendly and approachable so if you do see them around please say hello and they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have."