Extended term for South Yorkshire prisoner who threw excrement and urine over prison officer

Sheffield Crown CourtSheffield Crown Court
Sheffield Crown Court
A South Yorkshire prisoner who thew a mixture of urine and excrement over a prison officer has had his sentence extended by two years.

Joshua Morris, aged 24, formerly of Cross Green, Leeds, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday, November 13) where he pleaded guilty to '˜administering a noxious substance' in prison in Doncaster.

He was already serving five years for burglary but has now had two years added to his sentence.

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The court heard how on Saturday, December 2, Morris squirted a mixture of urine and excrement at a prison officer, out of a bottle.

DC Alex Dorlin said: 'This is a disgusting offence and I am pleased that Morris accepted responsibility for his actions before the court.

'Previously these offences have been charged as a common assault but after consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, they are now nationally charged under the more serious offence of administering a noxious substance which carries a maximum of sentence of 5 years due to how disgusting the offence is.

'While the officer was not physically injured, the impact of such disgraceful and unprovoked behaviour was quite significant.

'Nobody should have to experience this type of behaviour and Morris now faces extra time behind bars for his vile actions.'