Exploding tub of paint leaves Sheffield woman in pain

In pain: Marion Cambell  was injured after a paint pot exploded in her home.
In pain: Marion Cambell was injured after a paint pot exploded in her home.
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HOUSEPROUD Marion Cambell finished up battered and bruised after a tub of paint exploded in her living room.

Marion, aged 67, bought the large plastic tub of magnolia emulsion from B&Q in Queens Road, Sheffield.

She took it home to Skye Edge and left it in her living room overnight intending to redecorate the following morning.

But in the middle of the night she was woken by a loud bang.

In a panic she ran to see what had happened.

She flung open the living room door and dashed inside the room – where she slipped on a large puddle of emulsion, injuring her back and bruising her arms and legs.

Alone, Marion was eventually able to get to her feet then struggled to clean up the mess.

It was a job which took a full day and she ruined quite a few towels and her clothes while mopping up the paint.

Thankfully she was able to get most of it out of the carpet.

The next day Marion contacted the store.

But according to her daughter Melanie Oates they weren’t very sympathetic.

Melanie said: “My mum, after a huge amount of time and physical effort, cleaned up the worst of it, despite being in a not inconsiderable amount of pain.

“But when she contacted B&Q she was abruptly informed ‘once it’s left the store it’s not our problem’.

“Obviously I’m angry that my mum suffered unnecessary injury and no little stress.

“But my other concern is if this is some sort of faulty batch.

“It may not end up being an isolated incident, and it takes only a little imagination to think of how a large tub of exploding paint may cause serious injury.”

A spokesperson for B&Q said the matter is being investigated.