Expensive entry price

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The Victorian Christmas market at Kelham Island looks good, but entry for adults is £5.

Is this a misprint? It does seem expensive. I am not mean but in these cash-strapped times it is a lot of money. Bah humbug.

Jayne Grayson

Fewer jobs for young

can anyone in this Government add up? Surely for every one of us over 65 that now has to work for a few more years that’s one fewer job for the young ones. Or am I the thick one?

David Raistrick, Rotherham

Scapegoat sentence

I wasn’t surprised to read that the jailed EDL supporter has had his appeal turned down. Not that i condone his actions which were stupid, but let’s not confuse stupidity with extremism.

A fine and unpaid work would probably have been more appropriate but the appeal court maybe felt pressured into upholding this scapegoat sentence.

Dave, S3

Cut number of seats

With the obvious intention of easing the burden on hard-pressed council tax payers, the boundary commission rightly agreed to review a possible two thirds reduction in the number of Doncaster councillors, at the suggestion of elected English Democrat mayor Peter Davies.

Hopefully, if successful, this will set a precedent for other councils, most of all Sheffield where wards have three councillors, when observations tell us there is not enough work to keep one councillor fully occupied.

J W Oxby, Greenland Drive, S9