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Re: residents bus lane fight for Gleadless Road to save the Heeley City Farm trees.

I agree with Dave Diller who has set up a petition, and farm chief executive John Le Coney that traffic will be a lot worse and a complete waste of half a million pounds.

One half of the Chuckle Brothers Coun Jack Scott has resigned but we still have the other half Coun Leigh Brammall and the council officers who think because we live in Heeley we have no brains.

How can they say it’s too complicated for us to understand? Prospect Road from Gleadless Road to Spencer Road is now a busy rat run from London Road to get to Queens Road, do the planners really think that this traffic will not go into the empty bus lane?

Only three buses use the route, two of which are every half hour, and First no 47 which by peak time are two together, one full and one empty. My message to the planning team is that there is a hell of a lot more cars than buses who also want to improve journey times so expect a lot of flak if you don’t get the scheme right.

Signed the petition Dave

Heeley resident for 80 years