Exercise is the answer

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A WOMAN who couldn’t walk to the end of her street is making progress - after being prescribed exercise by her doctor.

Irene Sanderson from Longley, Sheffield, lived with severe back pain for more than 20 years and not even an operation cured her of the discomfort.

When surgeons operated on the 69-year-old they found slipped discs had fused together with bones in Irene’s spine.

After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis and high blood pressure the former sewing machinist was prescribed a 12-week course of exercise at Hillsborough Leisure Centre.

Fitness specialist Lynn Hird built up Irene’s cardiovascular and confidence levels and, as the pain became more bearable, she also began lifting weights.

Husband Roy, 74, also signed up to the Fitness Unlimited scheme and now the couple visit the gym five times a week.