Exclusive: Stripped Sheffield boxing champion attacks integrity of senior sports chief after failed drugs test

A senior administrator at a world-respected boxing organisation has defended his integrity after Sheffield middleweight Liam Cameron made bizarre 'corruption' claims on social media.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 8:28 am
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 10:45 am
Liam Cameron, with Dennis Hobson behind

Cameron has been stripped of his Commonwealth title after failing a drugs test.

The fighter, 27, claims the reading was influenced by treatment administered by a dentist.

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He is upset that he was stripped while awaiting a tribunal which will rule on his position, in October.

On twitter, the Manor Park boxer made allegations about “back handers” suggesting there were dark motives behind the decision to make his now vacant belt available to the winner of Elliott Matthews v Rasheed Abolaji next month.

Ironically, Cameron’s own manager Dennis Hobson has been involved in trying to persuade a TV company to screen that duel.

Simon Block, Secretary of the Commonwealth Boxing Council, was named in one of the tweets.

Liam Cameron and Commonwealth belt

Block told The Star: “Liam failed a dope test. That is a strict liability offence - it is down to him to prove his innocence rather than anybody else his guilt.

“He has to explain why an illegal substance was in his system.

“The weight of responsibility lies on his shoulders. There is no presumption of innocence - it is up to the champion to explain. We nor the British Boxing Board has any input into when his (independent) tribunal is” said Block.

“But I have an obligation to both champions, challengers and to the Council itself that things run properly - including fights for titles across the weight divisions.

“These must not stagnate.”

Cameron won the title last October - he’s fought since then, but it was not a title defence because his opponent failed to make weight.

So, assuming Cameron wins his tribunal, it would have at least been a year before the belt was contested.

“We makde an offer for Liam to voluntarily vacate until things were cleared up. He’d have been mandatory contender (with a guaranteed 60-40 purse.) But he was adamant he would not vacate.”

Block has suffered abuse before in the sport.

“People can say what they like, short of something dreadful. It’s a free country; I have broad shoulders. I have worked with the likes of Don King and Mickey Duff.

“I am used to name-calling. I could sue Liam. But what is he worth? I could spent £50,000 (on a court action) probably win and then be left with the bill.”

Block added: “I deal with a lot of promoters and boxers and have a good relationship with them.

“I think my name is quite respected. I am not a saint, I am just a guy doing a job.

“So these remarks are like an ant biting the toe of an elephant.”

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