EXCLUSIVE: Scores of Sheffield people call South Yorkshire police to report UFOs and aliens

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Little green men and Unidentified Flying Objects have made contact with Earth - and they have landed in South Yorkshire.

That’s according to some of the scores of callers to South Yorkshire Police’s 999 and 101 numbers in the past two years.

A ghoul at Silica Lodge Garden Centre.

A ghoul at Silica Lodge Garden Centre.

Officers have been called out to deal with extra-terrestrial contact on 30 occasions - even if a few of them turned out to be more large pint glasses than little green men who were ultimately responsible.

As part of The Star’s week-long Halloween coverage of ghosts, ghouls and all things unusual, we’ve compiled a list of the best alien calls, based on a Freedom of Information Act request to South Yorkshire Police.

1. December 2014: Call to public house to deal with an intoxicated individual who is talking about aliens and won’t leave the premises. Officers attended. Individual has been put in a taxi.

2. October 2014: Caller phones to say aliens are killing him/her and clears the line. Recontacted caller, who put the phone down.

3. November 2014: Call from individual who states there are aliens in his/her house. Officers attend and individual now believes this was all in his/her mind.

4. December 2014: Multiple calls from individual for various reasons including stating there are thousands of aliens in the sky. Believe this to be a hoax call.

5. October 2014: Call received from individual who believes aliens are coming. Caller sounds confused. Officers attended the property. Caller stated that he/she could not be bothered to answer the door. Incident completed.

6. September 2014: Call received from individual who believes aliens have been coming through the Wi-Fi with threats to kill. Advice & reassurance offered.

7. September 2014: Caller phones to say UFO has just landed outside his/her property and wondered if anyone else had reported it. Incident closed as no other reports of any sightings.

8. December 2013: Caller reports strange lights in the sky and asks if we have had any other calls. Advised that we have had no other reports.

9. October 2014: Call to report an individual known to caller and who has mental health issues; is at caller’s property refusing to leave. Individual is talking about having alien DNA. Officers attend, consulted with medical professionals and took individual home.

10. June 2015: Call from regular confused caller who rings several times on various subjects including aliens. Regular confused caller - no policing purpose. No action taken.

11. August 2015: Caller wants to report that a UFO has just flown past his/her property. No action taken.

12. September 2015: Regular confused caller who states that aliens are coming... he/she has seen it on TV. Caller advised that TV is not real. Handler asks if there is anyone we can ring for him/her. Caller says not.

13. September 2015: Call to advise an individual is in the middle of the road, saying aliens told him/her to commit suicide. Officers took individual back to home address to await health professionals.

14. May 2015: Regular confused caller rings several times. Garbled messages including mentioning aliens. No action taken.

15. March 2015: Regular confused caller rings several times. Talking in rambling fashion, about various things including meat from aliens. No action taken.

16. September 2014: Caller believes he/she hears the voices of aliens who have threatened to abduct him/her.

Tracy Potter, head of communications at South Yorkshire Police, said: “What the content of these calls illustrate is that people call both 999 and 101 with an incredibly wide variety of concerns.

“What this data in particular also highlights is that many calls of this nature are not really police concerns and increase demand on the service, which can impact on the response we provide to the public.

“There are, however, certain examples where people have reported noises at a property and believe it to be ghostly activity. Our officers must still respond to ensure that a burglary or other form of crime is not being committed.

“Our officers will also respond if there is a suggestion that the welfare of an individual is at risk.

“Some of the calls demonstrate that there are occasions where officers must work closely with health professionals to ensure that the individual concerned is safe and well. This is part of our ongoing commitment alongside partner agencies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the public in South Yorkshire.

“Unfortunately there are examples given here of individuals making hoax calls, which diverts vital officers and resources to a non-incident when there could be a legitimate incident that requires a response elsewhere in the county. This is simply not acceptable and wherever possible we will address this issue robustly.”

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