EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister says Sheffield can power engineering revolution

Boeing, McLaren and now Sheffield tech stars The Floow have announced deals set to pump millions into the city, prompting the Prime Minister to write exclusively for The Star

Sunday, 5th March 2017, 11:01 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:38 am
Prime Minister's Official Portrait. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Sheffield can help power a new engineering revolution for the UK.

I know Star readers will be delighted after the spectacular successes of luring McLaren and Boeing investments to South Yorkshire in a matter of weeks.

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street, London. Photo credit Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

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And I want the model being pioneered in the city to be copied across the country.

Combining the research expertise of Sheffield University with the craftsmanship and skill of the city’s workforce, along with the drive of local leaders, has created the backdrop to the multi-million pound deals struck with two of the world’s most famous engineering names.

It is this ambition and determination that is allowing the world’s first Steel City to forge a new identity.

The city’s potential for cutting edge technology and engineering clearly hasn’t been lost on international investors. And it’s not just McLaren and Boeing who have spotted it.

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street, London. Photo credit Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Today’s announcement of a £13m investment into Sheffield’s thriving tech sector by three firms, including foreign investors, demonstrates the faith they have in the future of Sheffield.

It’s great news for The Floow, which will be able to use the cash to double its workforce and carry on expanding the cutting-edge car safety technology that has seen it create 70 high skilled jobs in the city.

But it’s also great news for the rest of Sheffield, as it clearly shows that the city is open for business.

McLaren will generate about £100m for the area and create more than 200 highly skilled jobs by 2020. They’ll also be investing in science and research, which is a key target for my government.

While Boeing’s plans for a civil aerospace factory mark another £20m of investment.

Attracting one of the world’s most famous car brands and one of the leading names in aerospace to Sheffield were deals built on the city pooling its skills and working together.

I want to see the prosperity that areas like London and the South East have enjoyed replicated across the country. That means developing and supporting key sectors to inspire an economic revival in places like South Yorkshire, and all our great regions and cities.

In providing this support, I will also ask that cities do everything they can to play their part. I’m pleased to say Sheffield is doing that already.