Exclusive: John Fewkes wants to lead Kell Brook to victory over Amir Khan '“ and make his family and gym proud of him

John Fewkes hopes to be in Kell Brook's corner should the much-heralded super-fight with Amir Khan be confirmed for the New Year.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 2nd November 2018, 6:53 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 6:58 pm
John Fewkes
John Fewkes

The novice coach was asked to train Sheffield's Brook, joining him in Fuerteventura 10 days ago, and he says the pair have gelled. 

Fewkes will be in the ex-world champ's Sheffield Arena corner on December 8, for the bout with Aussie super welterweight Michael Zarafa. But he hopes to extend that commitment onwards...for the rest of Brook's career.

Kell Brook sparring with John Fewkes

Fewkes, a surprise choice for the role, said: "I came over to Fuerteventura for the experience and to see if I could help Kell, after he'd asked me over. It has gone absolutely brilliantly, Kell seems to be in a good place, he seems happy with me and I am happy with him. We've clicked.

"I am living my life now totally with December 8 in mind, it feels like it's me that's fighting. We are going to see something special from Kell and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to carry on working with him after, all the way to the Khan fight or whatever follows."

The 33-year-old former welterweight said being cornerman for the Khan fight would be a dream come true. "If things go well (against Zarafa) then I am hoping I'll be there. I always wanted the world stage when I was a fighter but I know I am better suited to training than I was boxing and want to get there now."

As for Dominic Ingle, whose shoes he has stepped into, the Richmond family man said: "I don't compare myself with him and his pedigree - I am hoping I will be able to do in 10 or 15 years, but not now. I am still learning my craft, all this has come very early for me. Kell is taking a risk, but sometimes it takes a boxer to do something like that to bring a fresh trainer with

Kell Brook

fresh ideas and to give him a chance.

"I'd be arrogant if I said it wasn't a risk for him. Me and Kell are from the same generation of boxers (Brook is 32) and we have gelled - at least I hope so. I badly want this to be a success for me, my family and my gym.'

Fewkes said his availability for Brook's camp came only because of the support back home. 

"My Mrs, Rebecca, and Dennis Hobson (who owns the Gleadless gym that Fewkes runs,) all the people who I train and work with have been there for me 100%. They are happy for me and have all pulled together - I can't tell you how much that means."