Exams make carer ‘unemployable’

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A ‘TOTALLY unemployable’ man who has been to university four times says he has been dumped on the scrapheap - because he is too clever to work.

Mark Schwalbe, aged 52, from Barnsley, claims to have applied for more than 200 jobs, but been rejected for every one because he has too many qualifications.

He claims each employer has told him his CV is too good and he is overqualified for the menial jobs he has applied for.

This is because he has multiple A-levels, a degree and a masters degree, as well as an HND and years of experience in the care sector.

He says he has applied for jobs at fast food chain McDonald’s and high street giants Primark, Wilkinson and Morrisons.

His frustrations have boiled over to such an extent he wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam, to tell them about a situation he says is making him miserable.

Mr Schwalbe said: “I have gone for factory and warehouse jobs where I have been told I am too qualified. Someone even said to me ‘we don’t want a genius asking why they’re being asked to push a broom’.

“I am totally unemployable. I’ve written to David Cameron and Nick Clegg telling them about my situation.

“There are so many people out there who are without work.

“If I can’t get a job with my qualifications there is no wonder other people remain on the dole.

“I’ve gone for a huge range of jobs, including minimum wage jobs. I am prepared to get stuck in, I want to work but nobody is interested. I feel terribly isolated.”