Ex Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom quits UKIP party

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom
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Former UKIP Euro MP Godfrey Bloom – who represented Yorkshire for 10 years – has quit the party that he helped to found.

The colourful politician said he was leaving the party after he was banned from speaking at an event by the party chairman Steve Crowther.

He initially had the UKIP whip withdrawn and resigned his official role last year, after leader Nigel Farage said his behaviour had overshadowed the party’s autumn conference.

Controversies were caused after Mr Bloom criticised recipients of foreign aid in ‘bongo-bongo’ land.
He also apparently joked to a room debating women in politics that it was ‘full of sluts’ after two of his colleagues admitted they did not clean behind the fridge .

Mr Bloom said he was leaving the party ‘with a heavy heart’ after having a role in founding UKIP and donating large amounts of money over the years.

He said it was ‘drifting towards the politically correct mainstream, like everyone else’.

In a message to the party’s newest MP Douglas Carswell he said: “I would just say to Douglas, stick to your sort, you believe in libertarianism, you believe in classical liberal economics, don’t be pushed off.

“But I would say, Douglas, watch your back.

“If you bear in mind we started in 2009 in Europe with 13 MEPs, we ended up with five, so there are dead bodies of UKIP politicians all over the place with a knife quivering in their back, Douglas.”