Ex-wife killed and dumped in car boot

Joy Billam.
Joy Billam.
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A HUSBAND strangled his estranged wife when she visited his South Yorkshire home - and dumped the body in the boot of her car, a court heard.

Raymond Billam, aged 63, rowed with his wife Joy at his home in Guildford Road, Doncaster, after she had visited to discuss their divorce proceedings after 14 years of marriage.

Sheffield Crown Court heard 46-year-old Mrs Billam was engaged to her new boyfriend, the previous day.

Rodney Jameson, QC, prosecuting, said Mr and Mrs Billam had initially been happy, but their relationship deteriorated and they separated last July.

Mrs Billam began seeing Mr Woodland and they started to live together at his home in Garden Street, Goldthorpe.

She had started divorce proceedings and on September 29 the couple got engaged.

However, Mr Jameson said the breakdown of Mrs Billam’s marriage was ‘not without difficulty’ and tensions arose between all parties.

Mrs Billam had arranged to see her husband at his home and texted Mr Woodland on the evening of September 30 saying: “Don’t worry, I love you.”

However, the following day Mr Woodland received information Mrs Billam’s car was parked a short distance from his house.

He went to the scene at 11.50am and called police who found her body in the boot.

The court heard that the night before Mrs Billam had driven to her husband’s home to discuss their divorce, arriving about 6.30pm.

It is alleged that within an hour Billam had killed her.

Mr Jameson said he strangled her with the flex of an electric charger ‘or possibly with his own hands or both’.

It was apparent from the medical evidence that the victim fought for her life.

Mr Jameson said Billam admitted killing his wife but denies murdering her.

The trial continues.