Ex-Sheffielder’s recent visit marred by no parking pain

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Being a regular visitor to my native Sheffield, I try and take in as many aspects of the city as possible. I also check up on the city in The Star and through family and friends still living there.

So having heard that the city is still in difficulties through recession, it was confusing to see the roads and planning department have not been affected by reduction in staff and are still at their sadistic best.

One of the pleasures (questionable by many) is a trip to S6 to watch Sheffield Wednesday. On this trip I was surprised to see the area is now a ‘no parking residents-only’ regime. This meant parking miles away.

No additional parking had been made available and nobody knew why it had been done. It certainly can’t be for the benefit of residents. Parking difficulties some Saturdays and the odd evening is something you’d be aware of before moving there. That would be like moaning about aeroplane noise when choosing to live under a flight path to Heathrow. So why was this diabolical plan allowed to go ahead? The only conclusion is money. Both from the charged tenants (I still find it amazing the council expect homeowners to pay to park outside their front door), or from fines when people park there and over-run, as I nearly did. I assume the council don’t see Wednesday getting to the Premiership? The additional parking would make things even more difficult.

The only hope is that the money might be spent on roads. The condition of Sheffield roads is appalling.

Finally, it’s good to see that department still has a sense of humour. Who was in charge of replanning the Wicker/Lady’s Bridge area? And why couldn’t I drive ahead from the old markets past the police station?