Ex-Rotherham Council deputy leader has taxi licence suspended

Jahangir Akhtar
Jahangir Akhtar
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The former deputy leader of Rotherham Council has had his taxi driver’s licence suspended.

Rotherham Council said Jahangir Akhtar, who lost his seat on the council last year, has had his licence ‘suspended with immediate effect but not revoked’.

But the reason for the suspension has not been made public.

A spokeswoman said: “The normal process for such matters is now being followed. Mr. Akhtar will have the right to appeal this decision at the Magistrates’ Court.”

Concerns about Mr Akhtar were highlighted several times in the recent Casey report on the Rotherham Council response to dealing with child sexual exploitation.

The report said he had been a ‘powerful figure’ in Rotherham politics. Ms Casey said while some of those interviewed had been ‘complimentary’ about him, ‘several other members, officers and others spoke about him with a level of fear’.

Her report added inspectors were told he had ‘made representations on behalf of taxi drivers’ to speed up licences being issued ahead of CRB checks, while he was also said to have ‘brought pressure to bear’ on officers to stop proposals to undertake unannounced taxi safety checks.