Ex-mayor to make election comeback

Peter Davies
Peter Davies
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Former Doncaster mayor, Peter Davies, is set to return to politics when his new party stands in local elections in May.

Mr Davies, who was the town’s directly elected mayor between 2009 and 2013, is chair of the newly-formed political party the Doncaster First Independents Party which aims to stand candidates in at least five wards across the borough in this year’s local elections.

The group, which says it rejects the ‘national model of parties fighting it out for power’ in favour of principles and policies being argued out on a local level, hopes to build upon any success achieved in next year’s election to stand even more candidates in the local elections in May next year.

Mr Davies was elected as a member of the English Democrats, before resigning in February 2013. He said of the group: “Let’s create an alliance of talented people who don’t believe that any one party is always right and who are prepared to speak out, argue actively, and reach agreement on local policies which match the aspirations of Doncaster people and prioritise local needs.”

He added: “A fundamental change in local government democracy is long overdue. My cross-party cabinet, operating between 2009 and 2013, proved that this model can work effectively. It is no wonder, when the imagination and talents of local councillors are undermined by the need to toe the party line.”

The Doncaster First Independents Group says membership is open to everyone including members of other political parties. For more details visit www.doncasterfirstindependentsgroup.org.uk