Ex-footballer turned South Yorkshire Police officer sacked for 'regular abuse' of cocaine

Julian Broddle has lost his job at South Yorkshire PoliceJulian Broddle has lost his job at South Yorkshire Police
Julian Broddle has lost his job at South Yorkshire Police
A South Yorkshire Police officer who was a 'regular abuser of cocaine' has been sacked this afternoon.

PC Julian Broddle, aged 52, is a former professional footballer who played for Sheffield United and Barnsley and was a member of the Raith Rovers side that famously beat Celtic to win the 1994 Scottish League Cup final.

At a misconduct hearing in Chapeltown, DCI Deb Mahmood said Broddle was selected for a random drug and alcohol test in March, with a urine sample providing 'irrefutable evidence' of cocaine use within the past few days.

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He was arrested and provided a further hair sample which showed a 'medium concentration level' of cocaine.

DCI Mahmood said: "This is suggestive of being a regular user of cocaine.

"Evidence of telephone message conversations between himself and her partner also support the fact he was a regular abuser of cocaine.

"Throughout the interview, he continued to deny the allegations."

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Broddle did not attend the hearing but was represented by Police Federation representative Police Sergeant John Fox.

PS Fox said: "PC Broddle is eminently embarrassed by his current situation and the circumstances of his breach. As such he has chosen not to attend.

"If he had been honest from the outset though, things may have turned out differently."

He told the chief constable: "I take this opportunity to apologise on his behalf to you personally, to South Yorkshire Police and his colleagues for any embarrassment his conduct has caused.

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"PC Broddle accepts he has let down and embarrassed South Yorkshire Police, his colleagues and himself."

Chief constable Stephen Watson said: "While he has let himself and the force down, most importantly he has let the public down in failing to adhere to the standards expected of a police officer."

He said the 'severity of the breach' meant there was no option but to dismiss Broddle with immediate effect.

He said Broddle's previous good service as a police officer for the past 18 years merely highlighted 'the folly of his actions'.

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Broddle started his football career with Sheffield United in 1981/82, but played only once for the first team.

He moved to Scunthorpe United in 1983 and made 134 appearances, scoring 32 goals and then played 77 times for Barnsley before moving to Scotland.