Eviction over boiler theft which risked lives

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A TENANT who made money from a boiler theft at his previous home and put lives at risk will be evicted from his current address.

Thomas Smith, aged 65, of Kyle Crescent, Southey Green, and his daughter Melanie Smith, 22, have until January 25 to leave their home or face the bailiffs.

Sheffield County Court heard the boiler’s removal by an unqualified person had ‘horrific potential consequences including loss of life’.

Both were accused at Sheffield County Court of making money from theft of a boiler at Thomas Smith’s old council house on Dryden Road, Southey Green, last March.

The court heard Melanie Smith reported the theft as a burglary but police concluded it was staged. She later admitted she had allowed people in to remove the boiler, receiving £50 for herself.

She was issued with an £80 fine for wasting police time.

Thomas Smith denied knowing about his daughter’s actions until later, arguing he should not lose his home.

But the court heard when a housing officer told him it would cost around £3,000 to replace the boiler, Mr Smith said he ‘should have asked for more money for it’.

Melanie Smith told police someone had approached her on Facebook offering £50 for the boiler and her dad said he wanted the money first.

Sheffield Council was granted possession of the house.