Ever-Green campaigner battling away - aged 90

Heeley Green: Amyan Macfadyen with Bernard Little.
Heeley Green: Amyan Macfadyen with Bernard Little.
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ONE of the elder statesmen of Sheffield’s Green movement is not letting age stop him hitting the campaign trail.

Amyan Macfadyen, who celebrated his 90th birthday in December, is inspiring Sheffield’s much younger party activists with his tireless work.

Over five days, Amyan delivered 250 leaflets in the Botanical polling district of Broomhill, covering Clarkehouse Road, Clarke Drive, Clarke Dell, Broomgrove Lane, Broomgrove Road, Southgrove Road and Eastgrove Road.

He then moved on to sticking 4,000 address labels on leaflets, pacing himself by doing 500 a day over an eight-day period.

Amyan is a former Professor of Ecology and Environmental Science at the University of Ulster.

He only turned to environmental campaigning after retiring in 1986 and gave up his car for a bike at the age of 85 when he moved to Sheffield.

Amyan is regularly seen cycling to meetings of Friends of the Earth, Sheffield Campaign for Climate Change and the Green Party. He said: “I support the Green Party because I am deeply concerned about the future of my family, the human race and life on earth.

“I am concerned about the destructive effects of our present way of life on resources and on the environment.

“I have four children and seven grandchildren who I hope will be around long after I am gone. I want to do all that I can to make a positive impact on their future lives.

“Locally our Green councillors have, over recent years, had a disproportionate effect on improving lives in Sheffield so I am working hard to help them win this election.

“Each year it gets tougher but I will keep making a practical contribution for as long as I can.”

Amyan is supporting the Green Party’s Broomhill candidate Bernard Little, who said: “I have been canvassing in that area and a lot of people said they know and are impressed by Amyan’s dedication and determination.

“He is an inspiration to many people and election campaigns are long and tiring for all concerned. But if Amyan can keep going so can the rest of us.”