EU supports jobs in SY

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This week there were two very positive news stories about the European Union in the Star.

On Tuesday MP Clive Betts welcomed a new industrial park in his constituency, partly funded by a £1 million grant from the EU, offering new job opportunities to local people.

In the Business Section on Wednesday, the Master Cutler, Craig McKay, pointed out that Europe has enjoyed 70 years of peace with no major wars between members of EU countries, who have put aside the differences which led to three major wars in less than 100 years in favour of working and trading together in a close partnership.

He particularly emphasised how vital the European Union is to the long-term interests of UK manufacturing and the UK’s economic future.

On Thursday, we have a letter from Les Arnott, blaming the EU for the floods in the UK because of its advice on the dredging of rivers.

In fact, most experts seem now to agree that dredging is NOT the answer in many cases, and can result in water flowing more quickly off the uplands and causing flooding further downstream, especially where rivers have been straightened and dredged, and flood plains have been built on.

Of course, what he failed to mention is that the European Commission announced in December that EU money is available to assist victims of floods, but sadly so far our government has failed to apply for it, perhaps to avoid upsetting its Eurosceptic members!

Veronica Hardstaff

Northfield Court, S10