Ethan’s second op success

Ethan Giles-Bowman
Ethan Giles-Bowman
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A SCHOOLBOY has bounced back from the second stage of an operation to construct him a new ear – and is thrilled with the results so far.

Although Ethan Giles-Bowman is still suffering from swelling and tenderness in the area, his mum Kathryn said he had shown great resilience since the six-hour procedure and was still making the most of his summer holidays.

The surgery involved opening up the new ear – which had been crafted from cartilage taken from his rib in an earlier operation – and taking a skin graft from his skull to cover the wound behind.

When the site has healed the results should look like a regular ear. He was born with little more than a lobe on his right side because of a condition called hemifacial microsomia – a strain of Goldenhar Syndrome.

Kathryn, aged 39, said: “It’s been such a rollercoaster and an unbelievable process to go through. He’s already full of energy again and has shown great resilience – we’re so proud of him. He is loving it and feeling really good.”