Escaped cow chased by armed police in Sheffield is put down

Escaped cow on City Road, Sheffield
Escaped cow on City Road, Sheffield
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She may have survived a chase through Sheffield followed by armed police, but an escaped Highland cow has now been put to sleep after suffering from ‘trauma’.

Sheffield Council today confirmed the animal, which made national headlines after wandering for miles around Sheffield, has been destroyed after struggling to recover from the effects of being involved in the incident.

Escaped cow on Wickfield Road

Escaped cow on Wickfield Road

A decision was taken to put down the three-year-old heifer after veterinary advice was provided to staff at the council-run Graves Park Animal Farm, from where the cow had escaped.

A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately it had to be destroyed following the traumas suffered while running among traffic in the city.

“It seems the heifer escaped from one grazing area to another.

“This was a very unusual occurrence, as animals are frequently being moved and great care is taken to keep them safe.

“The decision to put the heifer to sleep was necessary in the best interests of the animal and public safety.”

Armed police were called out last Monday, June 9, following reports of the escaped animal wandering about the Manor Top area – which is around three miles away from the animal park.

South Yorkshire Police deployed their firearms team as a precaution following reports of the escaped animal at about 12.45pm in the Manor Top area.

But the cow was reunited at that stage with its keepers, who managed to coax the animal back into a trailer by staff from the park.

The chase became a hit on social media as internet users were kept up to date with the efforts to catch the animal through live updates from the Manor Castle Safer Neighbourhood Team Twitter account.

A CCTV image of the cow on the loose towards the top of City Road was released by police.

Staff said at the time the cow was one of a number that had got loose over the previous weekend.

Readers of The Star also reported seeing the animal in the Spring Lane area on Monday afternoon, while another sent in a picture of a Highland cow wandering around Wickfield Road on the evening of Saturday, June 7 – two days before police were eventually called.

People also reported seeing the heifer walking around the Gleadless area and even making its way into people’s front gardens.

Graves Park Animal Farm is made up of three distinct sections - including its well-known collection of small animals in its farmyard and a nearby series of small paddocks which are home to donkeys, goats, pigs and sheep.

The third section of the park, where the Highland cattle are kept along with sheep, is beyond the lakes near Norton Hall.