Epworth Town Councillor sentenced for assaulting 61-year-old woman

Epworth Town Councillor, Michail Harm, was sentenced for assaulting a 61-year-old woman after being found guilty last month.
Epworth Town Councillor, Michail Harm, was sentenced for assaulting a 61-year-old woman after being found guilty last month.
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An Epworth Town Councillor was sentenced at Scunthorpe Magistrates' Court this afternoon for assaulting his former mother-in-law, after being found guilty of the offence at a previous hearing.

Michail Harm, aged 44, appeared at Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court earlier today to be sentenced for one count of assault after magistrates found him guilty of the offence last month.

Magistrates sentenced Harm, of Axholme Drive, Epworth, to a three month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £250 in court costs as well as a £15 victim surcharge.

Harm, who became an Epworth town councillor last year, was also ordered to adhere to the terms of a five year restraining order preventing him from contacting and seeing his former mother-in-law, Amelia Elders.

Mrs Elders, aged 61, is the victim of the assault Magistrates found him guilty of at a hearing at Scunthorpe Magistrates' Court last month.

A five year restraining order was also put in place to prevent him from contacting his ex-wife, Linda Lancaster-Harm.

Prosecuting, Martin Harworth, told Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court that the incident occurred on January 16 this year, when Harm was bringing his three-year-old daughter, Ruby, round to Mrs Elders’ home after a court agreed visit.

He said: “He came round to drop off Ruby and came into the house.

“Amelia was not happy about this, and things got out of hand.

“She said there was an argument and she was worried that Michail’s mother was going to take Ruby so she tried to get to Ruby to stop her from doing that.

“He shook her arms, spun her round and threw her to the floor.”

Defending, Vicki Lee, described Harm as a ‘gentleman of good character’.

She said: “He has expressed remorse and has only wish and that is to put these matters behind him so he and his daughter, Ruby, can move forwards and find some sort of stability in terms of access to her.

“This was a one-off incident.

“He has been trying to move forward with his life.”

Sentencing, magistrates told Harm they had taken his good character, his remorse and the fact he had no previous convictions into consideration when choosing to sentence him to a conditional discharge.

As part of the restraining orders imposed by the court Harm is prevented from contacting Mrs Elders or Mrs Lancaster-Harm through any form of communication, with the exception of contact through a court-agreed representative to arrange access to his young daughter.

Harm is also prevented from visiting their address.