Site earmarked for Rotherham solar farm the size of two and a half football pitches as part of zero carbon ambitions

Rotherham Council is investigating the use of a site at Kilnhurst for a new solar farm, a senior council officer told a meeting today.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 3:37 pm

The scheme will be part of RMBC’s ambitions for the borough to be carbon net zero by 2040.

According to a report heard by the council’s overview and scrutiny management board today (April 20), the potential site will cover the area of two and a half football pitches.

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The potential site will cover the area of two and a half football pitches.

Officers have identified a site suitable for a solar farm as part of a £1 million renewable energy project.

The report adds: “For comparison, the system on the roof of Riverside House has a generating capacity of 61kWp: the proof of concept project will be 18 times larger and will cover the area of two and a half football pitches.

“A facility of this type is expected to have an output of 1,120,000kWh and would save carbon emissions of the order of 240 tCO2e, compared with using grid electricity.”

The report added that RMBC has reduced its carbon emissions from its buildings by 65 per cent since 2014/15.

Jonathan Marriott, head of asset management at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council told the meeting that the authority had taken pre application advice regarding a site at Kilnhurst.

Mr Marriott added that he council had originally looked a site Kiveton, but it was deemed unsuitable.

“We’re currently working up a plan for a site at Kilnhurst – I believe it may have been a former coal tip that’s in council ownership and is currently used for grazing and is effectively scrubland.

“We’re currently working up the due diligence on that particular site, there’s a few little issues with it we’re trying to resolve, one is a running covenant with the Coal Authority which we’re trying to sort out.

“Hopefully, once we’ve concluded the early stages of that, we will look to commence consultation with local ward members and then look at planning applications.

“We have obtained pre-planning advice, which is favourable for that particular site.

“Kilnhurst seems to be a priority site at this moment in time.”