Sheffield household waste recycling centres to stay open seven days a week

Sheffield’s household waste recycling centres are to remain open seven days a week with longer opening hours until at least November, the Council have announced.

Friday, 25th September 2020, 9:32 pm

Council bosses said that in normal years, most sites would close for a day or two a week and see the opening hours limited to 10-4 during the winter months.

However, they have today announced that this year all sites will remain open seven days a week, and will stay open until 5pm.

This will continue until at least November and will be reviewed every two weeks.

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Household waste recycling centres in Sheffield will stay open all week until at least November.

Labour Councillor Mark Jones, cabinet member for environment, streetscene and climate change said the decision to keep the city’s recycling centres open during the pandemic had helped reduce waste accumulation across the city.

He said: “In normal times, the majority of recycling centres would not be open every day of the week, but we have taken the decision to keep them open – all week – and keep them open for longer than they normally would be.

"Things remain just as difficult for the city as it was in the summer months, and this is why we have taken this decision.

“There will be costs associated, however we will continue to monitor demand and review operations. We do not spend public money lightly, but keeping the public highways safe whilst ensuring that Sheffield’s residents can dispose of waste safely and responsibly is of crucial.

"We will continue to be proactive and flexible in our response to waste management during the Covid pandemic.”

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