"Shame on all these people": reaction as pictures show the 'disgusting' amount of litter left in Endcliffe Park

Sheffielders have condemned the ‘shameful’ amount of litter left in Endcliffe Park yesterday after revelers flocked to the park in their droves because of good weather and loosening of restrictions.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 11:41 am

Sheffield witnessed a heatwave yesterday, March 30, with people donning sun cream across the city.

However, a significant number of revellers decided to flock to flock to the popular Endcliffe Park and leave their belongings behind – and now shocking images have emerged showing the ocean of litter left in their wake.

Now Sheffielders have had their say on the ‘unacceptable’ scenes.

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Ryan Hanson said: “Sorry but I genuinely believe this is the result of us in the past 25 years getting softer on the young.

"No discipline and mediocrity being praised. This is unacceptable.”

One Twitter user responded to a shocking video posted by the Sheffield Telegraph editor saying ‘not littering is the simplest thing to do’.

He said: “Shame on all of these people. Not littering is literally the simplest thing to do. It’s an actual embarrassment and I hope they all see this.

Copious amount of litter left behind by revelers on March 30.

"Then again, these are a different breed of folk who literally don’t care about anything so they won’t bat an eyelid.”

Brian Hylands from Sheffield said: “This is what happens when you live in a society of people who don't give a monkeys about their actions and anyone else and that it's always someone else's job.

"No doubt everyone's excuse will be the that the bins were full.”

Tracy Powell added: “Disgusting. People have no respect for each other or their environment. Sadly they just don’t care.”

"It is disgusting."

After images showed volunteers and council employees picking up litter in the early hours of this morning, some people have questioned whether enough bins are provided in the park.

Matthew Smith said: “Disgusting but how many bins are in that park? A lot of parks and public areas round my area don't have enough and none in whole areas where there are benches and other attractions. Councils just want people to "take it home".”

Lynn Parks added: “Is it partially caused by lack of litter bins or just laziness and the idea that someone will come along and clear up the mess?”

However, it was noted by many witnesses that there were ample amounts of bins, but all were left overflowing with rubbish.

Council staff had to fish for litter left behind in the river of the park.

Pictures show multiple bins with litter scattered metres away from them, overflowing so that the lids will not shut.

Sheffield Council have responded to the incident and said: “We know people have missed socialising in the sun but this is not what is meant by easing out of lockdown.

"Streets Ahead have been out since 6am clearing up but our resources could be much better spent.

“Enjoy parks in Sheffield but don’t leave your mess, please love our parks.”