Father's Day Sheffield: Rhea's at Mayfield Alpaca park welcome new baby and are transforming modern parenting

Two adult Rheas in a Sheffield animal park have just had their first babies and are already setting the bar for modern parenting.

Saturday, 18th June 2022, 11:58 am

The two Rhea, Pat and Albert, welcomed five babies to their family at Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park and dad is already setting the bar high for other fathers this weekend.

In Rhea parenting, the father does most of the childcare, but do so in the most dad way possible.

Andrew Jonas, Director of Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park, said: “He constructs a nest by scratching a shallow pit (zero effort) in the ground.

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The five new Rhea chicks being cared for by Albert

"He then lives the dream of most fathers – sitting down for around six week, just getting up to eat and go to the toilet, the whole time being left alone.”

Albert is only two years old, so this is his first family, so mum has taken an active role in the babies care, which Andrew said is a “great example of modern parenting”.

That being said, with any future children, once Albert is knowledgeable in the ways of fatherhood, he’ll have a bit less support.

Andrew said: “Male Rhea do deserve the true accolade of ‘dedicated fathers’ or ‘stay at home dads’ – caring for up to 20 chicks, maybe from four or five different mums. A true representation of a modern family.”

Albert and Pat, the new Rhea parents at the park

The babies hatched on Friday after Albert spent his six weeks incubating the eggs and they are doing great.

On Facebook, Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park said “Albert has been doing an amazing job as a first time dad.”