Extinction Rebellion Sheffield members reveal their hopes for the world post Covid-19

Members of the Extinction Rebellion Sheffield group have been given the chance to take in a public enquiry run by the House of Lords into life beyond Covid-19.

Friday, 16th October 2020, 2:26 pm

Earlier this year, the group collated their submission by asking passers-by in parks across the city to write their hopes for the world beyond the Covid-19 crisis on cardboard leaf or butterfly to be hung on a tree.

Many of the messages expressed the hope that we can reverse the climate emergency and mend the divisions in our society, while other messages wished for improvements in health.

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Members of the public express their hopes for the world beyond the Covid-19 crisis

Now, members of Extinction Rebellion Sheffield have shared their views and hopes for the future.

Julian Briggs, 64, wants a “fairer, greener and kinder society” and said we should stop advertising things like flying and meat production, which increase carbon emissions, and end subsidies for oil and gas.”

He added: “Locally, let’s encourage active travel; healthy for people, city and planet. How about bike racks on buses to get up the hills?

"How about the Dutch system of train-taxis – waiting for 10 minutes for passengers bound for one part of Sheffield, filling the gap between taxi and bus.

Julian Briggs, 64

“Covid has shown us how much people matter, friends and family make for happier lives. So, let’s make it easy for people to meet: fund community centres, village halls, clubs, associations, walking groups. How about pop-up open air cafes in Sheffield’s parks?

“We know prejudice and disrespect hurts people, so let’s root out racism, gender inequality, LGBT and disability discrimination, and narrow the pay gap. Read up on how you can help.”

Alexi Dimond, 35, said: “The pandemic has shown it is possible to give everyone a roof over their head.We need sustainable homes for everyone.

"Also a universal basic income so everyone can feed themselves and their families; and democratic and constitutional reform so government reflects and represents everyone in the UK – not just the public school mafia.”

Alexi Dimond, 35

Jenni Crisp, 52, added: “I want a future for my children and future generations across our beautiful but spoiled planet; a greener, kinder, fairer future. I am desperate to see politicians from all parties – and in both houses – step up urgently to the huge regional, national and international challenges we face in the light of the Climate Emergency.”

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Jenni Crisp, 52