Did you catch the moment a Lancaster bomber flew over Derwent Dam in the Peak District this afternoon?

The famous Lancaster bomber circled Derwent Dam in the Peak District four times this afternoon.

By Lizzie Day
Monday, 28th September 2020, 3:56 pm

Residents spotted The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster bomber flying over Hope Valley, Ridgeway, Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs in the Peak District earlier today, Monday, September 28.

The bomber, which was believed to be a on a routine, training flight, caught the attention of people in Sheffield and Derbyshire who said the Lancaster bomber ‘brightened their day’ despite the event not being publicised because of social distancing regulations.

People are currently only allowed to meet with a maximum of six people from multiple households in indoor and outdoor settings, as part of new virus restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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The Lancaster bomber flew over Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire four times this afternoon (Monday, September 28).

16-year-old Holly Tierney captured the moment the aircraft flew over Derwent Reservoir four times this afternoon.

She said: “It flew over me 4 times, I was very lucky.

"My dad said it was a very rare and lucky sight to see.”

There were many reported sightings of the bomber across the Peak District, with pub the Yorkshire Bridge Inn explaining how the aircraft gave them a nice surprise in a post on Facebook, featuring a video where the plane soared over the reservoir.

They said: “The Lancaster Bomber giving us a splendid treat over Ladybower!”

The Lancaster Bomber giving us a splendid treat over Ladybower!

Twitter user, Aidan Stones also recorded the moment the Lancaster bomber flew over Ridgeway.

In the tweet, he said: “Lancaster bomber just over Ridgeway. My day is complete #RAF.”

Lancaster bomber just over Ridgeway. My day is complete #RAF pic.twitter.com/UoFyUwhAzh

— Aidan Stones (@OldSheffield) September 28, 2020

Similar sentiments were echoed by Em Coop, known as @rahogan_ on Twitter, who said: “A Lancaster Bomber just flew over our flat in Sheffield. Made my bloody day.”

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