Enough is enough now

Brexit is happening, so we are to believe, who knows when.

If I was asked why we should leave I would answer in a word, immigration.

I think enough is enough now regarding what’s happening in this country or for us in this city.

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I would never class myself as an unkind person and I would help all if I could but look at certain parts of this city and what an influx of people has done.

I do not recognise some areas of my town any more and I find that very sad.

I have family in Australia, and to get into this golden paradise you have to be able to offer them something they are needing.

A simple civil servant, there’s no need for people like me, that’s fine, they wouldn’t want me, Iget it.

Why can’t we be as choosy over here?

It would help this country.

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I also have family who live at Fir Vale in a house that has depreciated in value as no-one wants to live there after what’s occurred over the last few years.

They loved the area but now they feel abandoned by the Government and this council.

Ask the people if we want more of an influx from Europe.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Scathing remark

I often wonder if women think they are smarter than men.

Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and the editor of the Sheffield star Nancy Fielder, just to mention a few.

Obviously intelligent women, but the one that springs to mind is Nancy Astor, the American-born, English socialite, back in the 1920s.

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When she quoted “I married beneath me, all women do”, you cannot get more scathing than that.

EB Warris

by email

Trig points

Lovely piece about trig points ‘once on a high and windy hill’ around Sheffield but what about the one on Wadsley Common/Loxley Edge reputedly on the spot where the ragged skeleton of Francis Fearn swung creaking in the wind for 14 years?

What was on the top of the structures?

Nostalgia also about the rough-and-ready huts where cricketers and footballers changed before the daft lads burned down their own facilities.

And you tree folk – oh I wish Amey would swing their chainsaw across the birch trunks that are swallowing up what was once the habitat of the indigenous population – the kids of Wadsley.

Ron Clayton, Big Kid Still


People and points of view

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The letter from Mick Andrews of the Doncaster OUT Group telling the MP for Sheffield Central how to do his job was a poor advertisement for the level of political understanding in that organisation (Letters, January 25).

If you fail to distinguish, as Mr Andrews does, between people and their points of view you end up in the absurd position of requiring an MP to represent as many political perspectives as there are constituents capable of articulating such things.

In our system we have every right to expect MPs to deal impartially with whatever lands on their constituency desks, regardless of the petitioners’ politics.

What we have no right to expect, however, is that MPs, whether we’ve voted for them or not, will share our view of the world in all or even a few particulars.

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MPs who are at odds with the opinions of most of their constituents most of the time are of course likely to be heading for a political break-up.

Sheffield Central’s EU Referendum result alone would indicate that Paul Blomfield and the people he represents are one of the better matches in the country.

Indeed, his nuanced position on Brexit (the official Labour position) is a commendable attempt to balance his local responsibilities with the interests of the country at large.

Kevin Hanson

by email

Job centre closure

I would like to address the report in the Star on the closure of Eastern Avenue Job Centre.

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Firstly eight out of 10 claims are made on line. The other 2 per cent are the vulnerable groups.

However, they are then booked in to their local job centre for a new Jobseekers interview for 50 minutes to take the claim, check for accuracy and then assess their needs.

These JSA claimants have to attend weekly and in some circumstances daily for the first 13 weeks.

This also applies to Universal Credit claimants.

Travel costs are only met if requested, not offered.

Although it is not clear which job centre claimants will be sent, Woodhouse Job Centre may also be a possibility.

This job centre already deals with S20 and S13.

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S20 claimants have to catch two buses and if they attended Eastern Avenue would only need to catch one.

Eastern Avenue also provides other services for Woodhouse Job Centre.

The impact on claimants is going to be horrific but bear in mind that claimants are not just JSA.

Lone parents, carers on Income Support, claimants on Employment Support Allowance are also required to attend the job centres.

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Universal Credit is only for single non-householders at the moment in this area but when full service hits any person on any benefit, including Working Tax Credit, will also be required to attend the job centre.

Patricia Dabell

Ex DWP, Jobcentre +

First and Stagecoach

I use both these buses Monday to Saturday.

Normally the bus drives are not very friendly and have customer care.

Got on these two buses Friday, January 27.

Both drivers were very happy and pleasant and well- mannered.

I say well done to them both.

If we had more bus drivers like that it would make our journeys a hell of a lot better, thank you.


by email

The Sheffield tree saga

Is the tree saga never ending in The Star?

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At the rate it’s going, it will last longer than Keeton’s strike.

T Walker



1930s:Neville Chamberlain – Adolf Hitler

2017: Theresa May – Donald Trump

Margaret Horne

Struan Road, Sheffield, S7