Enough is enough

In last night's Star, March 30, a letter from Susan Richardson said it all.

Monday, 4th April 2016, 6:09 am
Updated Monday, 4th April 2016, 6:11 am
migrants and refugees

The majority of people feel exactly the same, the old adage of getting away with using the race card has been rumbled.

I along with the majority of people are sick and tired of Politicians and do-gooders continually preaching that immigration is good for this country.

We are not talking about these people, we are talking about immigrants who are here just to defraud the system.

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There was a two-page article in a leading daily paper showing how Romas were claiming multiple benefits over here and building mansions back home.

Stop this madness now .



It looks like Berlin Wall

David Walsh in the Star Business pages last week was seeking Sheffielders’ opinions on purpose-built student accommodation.

Well, looking down Rockingham Street at Sharman Court on Broad Lane, it’s horrendous, a veritable Berlin Wall, a new Kelvin.

As for Footprint Tools in the Hollis Croft area, soon to come down for another such development, who is going to relocate the 18th century memorial to a cutler that’s fixed in the wall?

And when we clobber the bottom of Cambridge Street, who is going to rescue the Master Cutler’s keystone in the old factory wall?

This should be flagged up again with city regeneration senior officers, Kelham Island Industrial Museum and the Cutlers’ Company, who should surely be taking the initiative here.

Ron Clayton

Wadsley Flatback, S6