Enoch Powell is still here

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In reply to KP, The Star, September 14, who asks the question “Where is Enoch when we need him?” when referring to the migrant situation etc.

The short answer is, he is still right here, the name has changed and he now goes by the name of Nigel, no not Gardeners World’s Monty Don’s dog, his surname being Farage.

I am afraid this country missed a great opportunity in May 2015 and the only hope in saving us from the ‘loony left’ is to get behind him and his policies by getting UKIP into parliament and resurrecting some of Enoch’s ideas, even though they are 60 years old, back into the debate, especially as they seem more relevant now than ever.

If not, God help our grandchildren, all courtesy of the ‘looney left do-gooders’.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley