Enjoy your retirement

SC, thanks for your 'I've worked hard and paid into the system' reply of October 19. The public sector is paid for by the Government which gets taxation from workers from the private sector and, of course, business going abroad which pays wages to the public sector.

When jobs are lost in the private sector there is less tax revenue going into the system, so jobs have to be lost in the public sector.

Its taxes contribute nothing to the economy, as the Government of the day is just taking back what they are giving you, paid for by the rest of non-public sector business. Your gold plated pensions, state pension, is paid by private sector.

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Businesses in decline, the reason why government borrowing constantly increases as less revenue and less money going to councils as they too have to cut back on jobs as less rates/council tax paid due to job losses in private sector.

Mass migration and those in private sector feel no benefit, so public sector jobs lost, council jobs lost. They can’t be that important as overstaffed, dole, tax offices close, are they missed, where are the jobs?

NHS jobs lost, but still run the same, no one is rushed off their feet unless some serious incident for A&E department. Police, how much crime do you see daily? Public sector contributes nothing to the system in taxation. Paid by the government, only taking back what’s given to them, fact, end of story.

Enjoy your retirement at the expense of the private sector, what’s left, and government borrowing, I note over the years public sector never came out on strike to support workers in major industries who pay your wages. Junior doctors on strike now and then, I don’t know anyone who supports them.

G Ellison

Hawthorne Avenue, S18

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