Energetic, inquisitive and completely adorable

RSPCA Rescue dog Tim with RSPCA Animla Care Manager Tony Benham.
RSPCA Rescue dog Tim with RSPCA Animla Care Manager Tony Benham.
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MEET Tim – he’s a bright, bubbly black and brindle, bundle of joy.

Tim, an adorable, Staffy, is currently living at the RSPCA Animal Shelter in Stadium Way, Attercliffe. But he’s hoping you can make that a temporary arrangement by offering a place in your home.

Tim is an adorable, black and brindle Staffy who is approximately two years old

RSPCA Sheffield Branch animal care manager Tony Benham says: “Tim was in good condition when he came in but he had not been properly trained in all his doggy manners. He’s exceptionally bright and motivated and he’ll need to be occupied and given plenty of mental stimulation.

“Tim adores search work and he has a real talent in this area which is very unusual for this breed. It’s fun and a joy to engage him in it. He can sniff out his scented toys very easily, even when they are very well hidden and the staff have taken some brilliant videos of him carrying out these search tasks which potential owners are welcome to view.

Tim, says Tony, needs a home that is prepared to fill his time with work and play.

“He’s an independent character who prefers a little attention often, rather than lots of cuddles, although he is very friendly and tolerant of handling.

“We’d prefer to find Tim a home with adults only because we want him to have access to lots of input and stimulation as he gets boisterous if allowed to get bored.

“Tim needs lots of mental stimulation more than exercise and to burn off his mischievous nature, he’ll need a minimum of two lots of one-hour walks a day.”

RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open every day except Wednesday, from 12.30pm until 3.30pm, and can be contacted on Sheffield 2898050.

The centre is also looking for foster homes.