Emma Hollingworth: Royal wedding celebration party is right up out street – as long as the ‘summer sun’ holds

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Why does summer time always seem to go so much faster than winter time?

It’s not like there are any fewer days in summer time or any shorter months. In fact the opposite is true. The days are noticeable longer and some of the winter months are some of the shortest.

Maybe it is the fact you always seem to be either getting up in the dark or going to bed when it’s dark in winter time. Going to work before the sun is up does seem surreal. It almost makes you feel like you are working a night shift and your body gets confused, making you wearier and more likely to think the days are dragging.

Whereas in the summer time the weeks, days and hours just seem to fly by.

In less than a week’s time my eldest will be going back to school to begin the summer term – the last term before she starts junior school in September.

I carefully packed away her winter tights and heavier uniform last weekend as I got her wardrobe ready for the summer term. To me it hardly seems two minutes ago since we were having to get ready for school even earlier than normal just to give ourselves enough time to put on the various layers necessary for winter, including the waterproofs, hats, gloves and scarves.

Maybe it’s an age thing, but I remember there being endless hot summers when I was a child. I remember waking to what seemed wall-to-wall glorious sunshine. I would leap out of bed, shimmy into my shorts and T-shirt and race out the backdoor to play with my best friend round the corner. We stayed out in the sun all day, breaking only when we were called back to our respective homes to eat. Of course this was in the days before parents bothered so much about sun hats and sun creams and children just played out in the streets and back lanes all day long without anyone bothering too much.

It was just what you did.

This was the 1970s and things seemed a lot more laid back. One of my most abiding memories of the time was the 1977 street party held in our neighbourhood to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

I was all of three-years-old, nearly four, but to this day I can still taste the delicious sandwiches and cola I was allowed to have.

All the local families had prepared a dish or two and dining room chairs and tables were hastily assembled straight out of people’s homes.

A big table cloth covered the whole lot and about 20 different families and neighbours sat and ate together.

History may even be repeated next week as there are plans for a street party to be held to mark the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I just pray that the gorgeous weather we are currently having holds and the young children attending these celebrations end up having great memories to look back on, just like me.

For more information on street parties being held in Sheffield or how to organise one, visit: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/street-parties