EMMA HOLLINGWORTH: A magical tractor ride to see Santa!

A reindeer pulling Santa Claus and his sleigh of presents
A reindeer pulling Santa Claus and his sleigh of presents
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THIS weekend my three got the treat of their life – meeting Father Christmas.

We went out for the day to a local farm and discovered to the kids delight that there was a special sleigh ride on the back of a tractor “to Lapland” to see St Nick.

All three took turns to loudly clang the bell – mostly in my ear, as we set off on our jolly jaunt round the farmyard.

On the way we met reindeer, snowmen and even some very cold-looking elves, trying desperately to keep on smiling through their chattering teeth.

After passing through a special door decked in tinsel and fake snow, we entered a darkened room complete with a much welcome open fire.

Once our eyes adjusted to the gloom, we noticed a red-faced man decked in festive garb and curly white beard beckoning us over to his corner.

My normally boisterous three were all suddenly really quiet. They stared in awe at the person they had only ever seen on Christmas cards and festive decorations.

Could this really be the one and only Santa Claus?

The next thing I knew was they were all trying to hug him at once, the delight written all over their small faces.

When asked what they wanted for Christmas the oldest, who is most definitely still a believer, whispered her needs to him.

“A kitchen?”, he boomed, most astounded. “That’s an odd request for a little girl.”

Amused my child went, “No – a kitten!”

Secretly I was crossing my fingers hoping the “real” Santa would give the first rather than the second. I know which one we really need!

Once they had all had their pictures done they happily left the grotto armed with parcels to put under our tree, should we ever get round to putting it up.

Seeing their faces have made me realise I had better get on with getting organised for Christmas.

I am going to head into town this weekend and take them to the magical experience of the Christmas market in Fargate.

It is packed full of traditional wooden cabins offering a huge choice of seasonal goodies, making this the perfect place to stock up on gifts, foods and treats.

Santa will also be meeting the children of Sheffield in his very own Lapland cabin.

For more information visit: http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/christmas