Emergency meeting called to address Page Hall 'crisis' after young Sheffield father is murdered

Police on Wensley Estate
Police on Wensley Estate
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An 'emergency meeting' has been called to address the 'crisis' in Page Hall after a young Sheffield father was stabbed to death this morning.

Police have launched a murder investigation after a 31-year-old man, named locally as Sami Alsaroori, was reportedly stabbed to death on the Wensley Estate.

Tributes have poured in for Mr Alsaroori from his family and friends, including close friend and chair of the Burngreave ward Labour party Nasar Raoof.

Nasar said that he has been devastated by the tragic death of Mr Alsaroori, who he has 'best friends' with since meeting at high school.

He has now called on the council and the police to work 'day and night' to control the gang fights, drug problems and litter chaos in the area.

"Page Hall and the S4 area is one of the worst in the country for knife crime and we need to get this properly addressed," Mr Raoof said.

"There have been four deaths this year around the Wensley Estate and we must do something about it. We need more police resources and more help from the council.

"We need to find out where these trouble spots are and we need younger people involved with this to really put the pressure on the people that matter."

Mr Raoof said he visits the Page Hall regularly during his rounds as a taxi driver and believes that some people have lost 'all respect and passion' for the community.

Drug runners and gang fights have 'taken over the area' since police moved out of the estate, according to the taxi driver, and he believes it's become 'mission impossible' for them to get a conviction.

He said: " Drugs have always been a problem in the area. Drug mules are allowed to freely walk the streets, they are constantly requesting money and begging.

"But they are always the drug runners for people and they are allowed to continue their business.

"The police are now picking up bodies and closing roads every month rather than looking at the issues behind it.

"These murders could easily be stopped and the impact is the community can no longer stay quiet."

Mr Raoof hopes the meeting will be held as early as Wednesday in the Wensley Community Centre as there needs to be a new system in place of 'holding people to account'.

"We harbour these individuals and the community has to take responsibility. Let's get something done about it." he said.

Burngreave councillor Mark Jones said that he will also be attending the meeting following Mr Alsaroori's 'tragic' death.

He said: "The Police had just announced that a dedicated team was to take to the areas streets. With the team being expanded in January.

"Unfortunately this is to late for Sami Alsaroori and his family. My sympathy is with Sami's family. As a parent I know we all worry about the safety of our children. This is the worst thing that could ever happen."