In Ellison world

I see G Ellison has a letter in The Star today, November 1, in reply to my previous letter which was in fact in response to G Ellison's previous rant against people who work hard for a living but just happen to be in the public sector.

Tuesday, 8th November 2016, 5:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:22 pm

Ellison today has a rant at the police and those in the NHS where he/she claims that no one is rushed off their feet.

I suspect that the NHS staff will be rushed off their feet if ever Ellison has to go into hospital to have that huge chip removed from his/her shoulder.

I think a mobile crane will be required to lift it!

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Ellison hopes I will enjoy my retirement and he noted that over the years the public sector doesn’t come out in support of private sector strikers.

Thank you Mr/Mrs Ellison, I shall enjoy my retirement, despite the fact that you failed to read my letter properly in which I stated I worked half my career in the private sector, so I think as a private sector worker I am entitled to do that, even in “Ellison’s World”.

I would point out also that while in the private sector I worked at Balfour Darwins Steel, where Derek Simpson was our union convenor for the AEU.

Derek was a very militant type of guy who went on to be general secretary of UNITE, and he had us out on strike many, many times at the drop of a hat.

I remember one strike that lasted 13 weeks in support of workers at another company, and believe me 13 weeks on strike in the 1970s, with a wife, two kids, rent to pay and no money coming in wasn’t easy.

Funnily enough I was also once on strike in the public sector and I don’t recall any backing from the private sector, so presumably supporting other workers does, in G Ellison’s mind, only work one way?

I am in fact becoming quite fond of G Ellison, as he/she is a sort of Victor Meldrew but without the humour.

Let’s be honest, it would be easier to list who he/she hasn’t ranted about over the last year, and most of it has been quite offensive.

I hope I don’t ever sink to the level of defining people purely on who they have worked for.

People often, as I did, went where they could get work.

Private or public sector workers, I respect everyone for the effort they put in to support their families.

I shall, as I enjoy my retirement, feel genuine sadness for G Ellison and their warped views.

Perhaps we should close all public services, irrespective of how many people depend on them, as it’s the only thing that is likely to shut him/her up.


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